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    AAAAANNNDDD the Instagram giveaway winner is!!! @ericabartuccio !!!! Email me to claim your new owlet!

    You can also purchase your own HERE at an exclusive discount!!


    My cousin recently had a baby and was raving about this new product called the Owlet. Her husband helped develop this new device and it has already alerted three parents whose babies were blue! 

    What is it?

    The Owlet is this cute little sock that fits right on your babies foot. It comes with three different socks so it can grow with your baby. It's made out of a soft jersey knit fabric so it's very comfortable and your baby won't be bothered a bit.

    The little piece inside uses pulse oximetry which is the same thing hospitals use (that little white clip they put on your finger) to test oxygen levels as well as heart rate. So cool right!?

    The packaging is definitely on point, as you know I'm a sucker for good packaging! It comes with a base station to put in the babies room, three socks (for different sizing), and power cords to both charge your sock and plug the base into the wall. 

    It runs through an app on your phone that you can check and see all their levels and literally watch them fall asleep. This is a screen shot of my phone once my son fell asleep. Your phone will also go off if their levels fall below normal.

    Below are some stories of real moms who were able to save their infants lives because of this amazing technology. 

    Michelle's Story
    Stephanie's Story
    Brittany's Story

    AAAAAANNNNDDD for the best part!!!! I've partnered with Owlet to give my lucky followers $10 off your own Owlet! Follow the link below for your exclusive discount.


    Click Here to Purchase!

    For me, I believe every new mom needs this product. We work so hard for nine entire months to bring a precious child into this world and if there was one thing that would help keep them here, how could you not buy one? 


    I've decided to get a tiny bit better about using my blog (because I know I can't commit to being great yet) so here it goes. I figured I could give you the run down on who the heck is behind, and sometimes all over the Rad Rev Instagram. I can't help it, I do like a good selfie every once in a while. 

    This is my little family, we like eating pizza, or "teetza" as my son screams everytime we drive passed Mod Pizza. I'm somewhat proud but mostly embarrassed that he's two years old and knows the locations of pizza and ice cream. C'est la Vie

    We were recently visiting family in California and my Grandma kept saying "when you write about this you can say..." I didn't want to break her heart and tell her I didn't have a journal, so here I am writing about all the things, thanks Grandma for the inspiration! 

    I love playing with my crazy boys, being outside, and mostly pretending it's summer all year round. Although right after Halloween I decorate for Christmas which is honestly the most magical wonderful time of the year. I'm working on some amazing new prints for my FW15 collection (which is an annoying but schnazzy way of saying Fall/Winter 2015). I can't wait to get them and blast your instagram accounts with the goodness! 

    My family is my world, and I wouldn't have the life I do now if it weren't for these crazies. I love running a business, smooching my babies, and most of all being able to connect with more people now than I ever have.




    I had a BLAST with these cousins and Courtney Price Photography shooting my new handmade rompers! You can customize your own blank rompers with cute pockets of all different colors and prints.

    These are just some of my favorites. Go check out my shop to see the latest rompers!