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    PROP N GO (for kids too)!

    PROP N GO (for kids too)!

    Do you ever lay in bed with your laptop or iPad and get ridiculously uncomfortable or try and watch a movie with pillows and blankets of props that keep slipping and sliding around? Well I did too! But one of our local friends has created the solution and I think it's not only good for propping in these situations but also is awesome for kids! Fighting over the iPad has come to halt and they are more inclined to work together when they're not worried about who's holding it!

    And because everyone loves Amazon, you can find it HERE

    My boys love coloring and watching shows on the iPad and this handy little Prop 'N Go works magic!

    It fits all shapes and sizes from laptops to smart phones, and has 14 adjustable angles. The bottom is comfy memory foam which also helps too keep you cool from your laptop heating you up! It's lightweight and portable and you better believe it's coming on road trips to keep these boy entertained! Overall a great product!

    Who doesn't love shopping small and supporting local businesses!?

    THE RUN DOWN on our favorite products!

    SWIMMERS: Our one of a kind swimmers were designed with your beach babes in mind. They're tight, stay up, and are out of the way for wave jumping and sand castle building. Nothing is worse than baggy knee length trunks getting in the way of all the fun! The only of out products that go all the way up to size 6!

    ROMPERS: Rompers are everyone's favorite outfit. Our one piece is exactly how it sounds. No snaps, no buttons, nothing to mess with! Just slip them through the neck hole and don't waste any time! Mom approved and preferred!

    JOGGERS: The most comfy things you're babes will wear, and let's be honest.. who doesn't love a good jogger?

    SHORTS: Another exclusive design, patterned in house and truly one of a kind. This fit has been tested on babes of all different shapes and sizes and show off those little baby legs better than anything else! 

    TUGGABLE NECKLACES: Designed with the trendy mom in mind. The first short, five bead necklace that doesn't get in your business. The rubber filled fabric is the ideal chewing and playing texture (and the fabric allows some slobber to be absorbed because we all know... that's how it goes). Nothing is worse than silicone beads getting wet and ripping out your hair! We solved it with these and moms of all kinds love our necklaces the best! Best of all you can toss them in with your regular load of laundry and they come out fresh as new. 

    We are passionate about every single one of our products and hope you are too!




    Advice is everywhere (especially for moms right)? Is your baby sleeping properly, is the carseat installed correctly, is their outfit too flammable?... These are all valid concerns but I'm definitely not going to talk about them today. I'm here to chat about the fun stuff! The stuff that you won't necessarily get crap about on Instagram if you photograph them the wrong way;)
    I've compiled a short list of my basics that I believe every mom should invest in. These are all products I actually own, have used, and LOVE!
    1. Owlet Baby Monitor (Click HERE to buy it at my exclusive discount)!  
    This is a new monitor that will alert you if your child stops breathing! If you should buy only one thing for your baby I feel like this is the one. How can you say no to the possibility of saving your childs life?
    Not only is it an amazing product, it's run by a team of really great people. I love supporting small businesses and I can't wait to see this one take off!
    2. Fawn Design Diaper Bag ( Click HERE to shop more colors)!
    I LOVE LOVE LOVE my Fawn Design bag. I guarantee I'll use it forever, or until I buy every single other color! Its the perfect bag with backpack straps or a normal cross body strap. I love using it as a backpack when we're at the Childrens museum, and using it the other way for running into the grocery store. It has the perfect amount of pockets and can easily wipe clean if your kid barfs on it (trust me on that one....)
    After going through quite a few diaper bags I wish I would have just invested in this one from the start. It's definitely worth it!
    Fun Fact: I was lucky enough to share a bunk bed with Jenny (the owner of FD) and chat until the wee hours of the night.. she's rad!
    3. Covered Goods Cover (Shop More prints HERE)
    No one likes their post baby back fat hanging out while trying to nurse in public (If you do, I'm so sorry if that offends you). These covers also double as carseat covers which I used every time we went anywhere! I also love supporting the original idea and if you see any others like it out there, just know that Jamie from Covered Goods created these!! (She's also the sweetest human being i've ever met).
    4. Little Wife Power House Boppy Cover (or "Nippy" cover as my autocorrect always wants me to say)
    You take so many photos of your baby on or around your boppy, that I made it my mission to find a cute one! Jen from Little Wife Power House has the CUTEST prints and best quality. Shop them HERE! I'm also lucky enough to know her on a real human level and she's the best! I also own her swaddles and crib sheets and I am here to report they rule! 
    5. Rad Revolution Goodies of Course!! (Shop the tabs above)!
    Teething necklaces and joggers are my staple. You NEEEEED them. Okay fine you don't actually need them, but you will LOOOOOOVE them!
    Nursing my youngest was a battle and I definitely looked like I had been in a cat fight when I was done because his favorite thing was scratching at my neck. Teething necklace to the rescue! It gave him something textured to hold and kept him better focused on the deed.
    Joggers also make the perfect baby gift and everyone wears pants so make them cute!